Monday, June 20, 2011

Assalamualaikum Wa Rahmatullah!


Wow! Its been son long. Its been a bit too long, but i promise during my time away i haven't been idle! I've been busy, very busy i say! I've been learning. A LOT. In so many areas on so many levels.  Teaching, communication, design, ambition, skill, technique and most of these lessons are tied into very personal experiences. I'd like you all to know for those of you that follow –or simply read occasionally, I'm still alive vibrant and passionate as can be. I am present and I am full of feeling and vigor. The areas that find me most frequent are lucky I feel, but I'm equally lucky that these places have me. It's become apparent to me that lasting feelings are reciprocal. 

Allah still loves me allowing me to wake up and glorify him each day and make plans for the next; I know I don't necessarily do enough to really earn it, but I try to show the love back 5 times a day at the very least. Sisters still love me, Facebook has made that part of showing my love so much easier.  I'd say the track still loves me; I've spent time loving it back (be it coaching most times) - but I’ll take 7600 points for now.  I wont mention all of the loves in my life, but this love which may not go unmentioned, is on the scale of the #1 and #2 in importance:  Gotta love my self and allow myself to love me back! That's not just for me but for all. Find a reason to love yourself and love yourself for that reason.  Cheesy. I know, but give it a chance and keep the self-hindrance at a distance and see how far you can actually go!

I've probably said a lot of nothing important, but it's good to see you guys again, feel the spirit again and be excited about getting the flames lit again.

Can’t Wait

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Be smart (with a grain of salt)!

Honestly, blogging once every two weeks just shouldn't be this hard. Its not, I mean it doesn't take that much time, but I really try to give my best most relevant and meaningful prose when I write on this blog. Maybe that's why it takes me so long? Maybe I will give you guys less writing now though b/c I've officially discovered the "compose" settings of my blog template and improved my blog through expanding my blogging capabilities.  Now I will spice things up!

So I was at the Harvard season opening track meet, coaching, mentoring, reuniting with old friends (ITA people too of course - Chisam, Wayne), hating Harvard a little... you know just a little of everything. Well among the many people I had the pleasure of running into at the meet was the always exuberant and life inspiring Wayne Burwell! This man is a funny man, I think you'll figure out why after you watch this clip of our conversation at the meet: 

How do you not laugh at that! I suggest staying away from the alcoholic beverages period, but in a world where being smart is very generously rewarded, I have to give that a very good laugh! Big ups "Dub!"

And no i don't believe in Christmas for obvious reasons, but Happy Holidays to all of you in this time of celebration and take Wayne's advise; BE SMART!!!

Love you all,

Friday, December 3, 2010

Indoor Track

Indoor track is great. It's gotta be one of my favorite seasons of sports. I just love the energy that is created in the closed arenas. Its also the very beginning of any kind of track and field all year. I know, I know, Its technically not the real thing, and to a lot of people, doesn't really matter that much, nonetheless its still competition, and it still helps prepare the athletes for their ultimate test outdoors. To be honest, it doesn't mean as much, but I'd say its more fun period and its not to be overlooked.

The SCSU men and women have been training really hard and its time for them to showcase themselves at Yale this weekend and then back home at SCSU the following friday. It will be a great time and lots of fun for us all I'm sure. I'd like to take this time to show you a bit of what happens as the SCSU owls let go and get loose before our meets. Its called a "syph." I love this stuff I used to be good at it b/c I used to do it all the time with my friends. Its shows how loose you are mentally and comfortable with yourself and surroundings. Nuff said just listen...

(!/video/video.php?v=636425685666&comments ) or just click on the blog title itself "Indoor Track" and then you can see it.

Oh by the way its on my facebook so I hope it works out when you view it.

Enjoy, or find a way to enjoy haha!

Talk to you guys soon,

Monday, November 22, 2010

Shout out to the SCSU Men's and Women's Cross Country track teams! Both teams took third place at the NCAA division 2 regional meet by only one spot. Second place was only 5 points away for the women, and a bit more the the men (48ish) for the men. Big ups to Alacia Grabel taking 2nd place and doing us proud (and by us i mean the cheering squad). Its clear the programs are moving in the right direction under the new leadership wink wink.

I brought a cheering team to help motivate the men's and women's teams. It was great to have the support that we did for our team that early in the morning, while every other team just watched and wished they had the kind of support we brought for our team. I ran the cheering squad obviously. I thought we did well but i know we can do better still. We are getting there though. We just need a few more people to step away from their shells, and let go of their insecurities so that they find security within the cheering group itself! In time I guess.

I got a chance to run with a friend last week too and it felt really good. He is a former 800m runner from Adams State - Nick Lara. We ran repeat 200's a staple in the old training regiment. It was clear that his body was totally capable with no real training. I guess after all that running you transform into a running machine for life. I'd say I haven't gotten to that point yet. I'd say I'm about 10,000 miles away from Nick Lara status, but pure well rounded and general athleticism...That's all me ;-). I got in a few good games of basketball, and some good lifting sessions also. I'm excited to see what this week has in store. I'll keep you guys posted.

Until next time people

Monday, November 8, 2010

I've been so out of it lately. So busy so occupied with good things and dramatic things. I think i'm actually about 3 weeks behind the happenings in my in the arena people. All said its always good to be back. I've been watching a lot of sports lately though. The sporting world just gets so exciting in september. You have the baseball playoffs, football, then by late october and early november you get basketball NBA and College man! Its crazy! Its great! I love it! Its the summer that i really cant stand very much, unless there is some good track and field to pass the time.

My life is so interesting though. I just cant get enough of me. In the words of what the majority of people feel (not me) is the cancerous entity named T.O. (Terell Owens), "I love me some ME!" (Clearly I'm not being serious haha). I've spent the past 2 months just going back and forth to track practice and considering/brainstorming ways to be get re-established in the community close by southern connecticut.

I also got reconnected with one of my friends that I met at camp this summer. He is a great kid and has a football game right at the high school in my town (Hamden). Its on thanksgiving day though so i'm a little worried i wont be able to make it. As of now though, my plan is to be there not matter what. It feels good to be reconnected and getting reunited now its time to get reacquainted.

I will talk to you guys again soon.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

I wanna go home ;-)

I've been thinking of things to write about. I want to be clear that material is not an issue though, it's the content that i'm worried about. I am wondering if the things that are on my mind in and about my life are appropriate to write about. I want to get into the gross disrespect, back stabbing and discrimination that takes place on a day to day basis in certain places, but that wouldn't be right; so...

Ok on a different note, its homecoming at Dartmouth!!! I haven't been back to Dartmouth for homecoming since 2006! I am close now and I am excited that I could have a chance to see what homecoming is like. I am sure that I'll see about a million friends and it will be pretty interesting and fun to just hang out with the campus as over populated as it gets during homecoming. If there is only one thing worth seeing and attending its the bonfire! There amount of different things that you see at that thing is ridiculous. Old folks doing laps around it, new kids sprinting around the fire, people fully clothed and scantily clad not to mention the brave and rebellious NAKED runners haha. The bonfire brings out the animal in so many people and is the true commencement of homecoming for me. I'll never forget my first bonfire when we did the campus sweep then blazed the fire. How great! So to all my Dartmouth folk out there, big ups to you all as you are a part of my family, and I hope to see you guys soon this weekend for the festivities of homecoming!